Tuesday, July 15, 2014

She's a missionary!

 Just set apart as a missionary

Sister Lockwood with President Talley

Well, she's off....sort of.  Today definitely did not go as planned.  Because of bad weather and delayed flights, she is spending tonight in Atlanta by herself and then taking the first flight out to Salt Lake tomorrow morning where she is supposed to meet up with a group of missionaries going to the MTC in Manila Philippines.  She is excited and in good spirits!  If there are no more glitches, she is scheduled to arrive at the MTC on Thursday evening.  I will be updating this blog each week with her emails.

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  1. Sister Lockwood! Thanks so much for updating this! Sara told me about Kayla's crazy travel changes...I hope she wasn't too stressed! I'm missing her already but am so excited for her and the lives she's going to touch. (Also, I'm happy that you supported Miley going along for the ride...we love that ridiculous little statue!!)