Monday, September 14, 2015

Another great week!

This is my new companion, Sister Arif! It was her 1 year this week so we ordered pizza.

These are our new Indian investigators!

Outside of our apartment in Maganda

Dear Family, 
This week was transfers! I got a new companion, Sister Arif! She is from Pakistan. She is so wonderful and is just full of light. I think it will be impossible to be sad at all this transfer because she is always smiling and laughing. That was an answer to my prayers and I am so thankful for her. We are very excited for the work that we have to do together this transfer. I already know that Heavenly Father is preparing souls for us, because we have already found some of them!
This week, on what I think was our very first day working together, we were rushing to our last appointment with some recent converts at 8 PM. On the way there, an Indian woman called out to us and stopped us in the middle of the street! She started telling us that she knew some missionaries before, and invited us into her home. It wasn't long before Sister Arif discovered that they speak the same language! I didn't understand much of what was being said, but I just felt the spirit testify to me that Heavenly Father is so involved in our lives. I didn't even know that we had any Idians that lived in our area! Yet, God knew, and He knew that Sister Arif would be the perfect missionary to start teaching them. They are Hindu, and aren't interested in getting baptized yet, but they want to learn about Jesus Christ. It was such a faith building experience for me to watch how the Lord works.
For me personally this week, I am working on building my trust in the Lord. I read a few talks about Gordon B. Hinckley (a previous prophet in our church) that talked about his optimistic attitude. President Eyring shared how President Hinckley would be faced with big problems, but that he never seemed to worry. He had an attitude always of "things will work out." What I love that President Eyring said was his optimism and happiness came from an unwavering trust in Jesus Christ. That is one attribute that I really want to obtain. I love and believe and have great faith in my Savior. I want to be able to have deep trust in Him, and not worry so much. Sometimes I find myself worrying and stressing and trying to do things on my own. But I know that as long as I do my best, I don't need to worry! There is no need to stress because the Lord is on my side. Now, saying that and putting it into action are 2 different things.  Over the months I have remaining in the mission field- I want to trust. I want to do all I can, and then not worry and stress, but be optimistic in all things.
One super fun thing that happened this week.. We were at Buendia for transfer day, and so of course we had to go to Subway! (There is only 1 Subway that I know of in all of the Philippines, and it's next to the Buendia chapel.) It was Subway's 50th anniversary, and so the 50th customer got a free meal. Guess who was the 50th customer?  ...This girl! And anyone who knows me, knows that if anyone deserves a free meal at subway, its me. (: 
This coming week will be lots of fun! We have interviews, zone meeting, and choir practice, PLUS we get to work in our area, which is probably the best area in the mission. Sister Arif and I are the Sister Training leaders, and so we will be teaching in zone meeting. We will probably start our exchanges next week, too!
Life is so good! I am so happy to be here, especially in this area. It was a blessing this week to get to start re-teaching the families that were baptized last weekend. The Doloroso family is so amazing. Apple is already seeing and feeling the blessings of the gospel in her home. They are having family scripture study and family home evening! Ah- I love them so much. 
Well have a great week!! 
Sister Lockwood

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