Monday, June 1, 2015


  I got my hair cut too this week. Talk about a scary experience! I sat down in the chair and the guy gets out a razor! Like the kind you use to shave a guys head! I was like,  "Uhh...what is that for?" And he just cut a straight line (well...not straight but whatever) across the bottom of my hair! Then when he put my hair back in front of my shoulders so I could see, it was totally 2 different lengths! I was horrified... luckily he fixed it and now my hair is just passed my shoulders!...And that is a  75 cent hair cut.

Marmee's box finally arrived...months late...and she sent a Dr. Pepper!

Dear Family, 
Happy JUNE! Can you believe how fast the time goes? Next month will be a whole YEAR since I left home!! I realized this week that missions are actually super short! It makes me want to spend every second of the rest of the time I have here giving my all to the people here. 
Its now rainy season!! Rainy season is the best because its not so hot! Now, there will just be floods! Last rainy season, I was over on Palawan, so there weren't really floods, just lots of mud. Now, rainy season in Manila is going to be a different story.. Mud may seem gross...but floody streets in Manila are actually way grosser. Just to give you a picture...swimming cockroaches.. the smell of sewer... Yeah its gonna be awesome! But, on the bright side it won't be hot! So life is still good!! 
Yesterday we had lots of people come to church so I am sooo happy!! Bernarditta is doing well and progressing... Tita is seriously a rockstar! She came to the ward activity, and meets us to go to church every Sunday (: Her family is the issue right now.. they don't want her to be baptized so keep her in your prayers! Yuri also was not able to come to church again, but we are not giving up! 
One spiritual experience that I had this week was in our lesson with Bernarditta. She is one of our investigators in the 4th ward, and her husband is currently here from Oregon. She has been taking the lessons for a while now, but shared this week about a change that has occurred. She said that in the beginning, she would read the Book of Mormon with her husband just to make him happy, that she wouldn't really listen or internalize it. But she shared that as time has passed, she has found herself reading it on her own. She comes to church even when her husband is gone, and is recognizing the light and spirit that is coming as she does these things. 
Many of our investigators start out and really don't know what we're talking about! Many Filipino's listen politely, and continue to let us into their homes for various social reasons, whether it be because we are foreigners, or because they don't want to hurt our feelings. But, those who have been prepared by Heavenly Father, those who begin to really read the Book of Mormon, and make their way to church, a change happens! They transform from polite listeners to hungry searchers. The Holy Ghost works in them and they come to know that our message is true. 
I love watching this change take place in the hearts of the people. The gospel of Jesus Christ is real! This is His true church, and those who study it with real intent WILL come to know of its truth because it is true! 

This week was one of those weeks that I was just so grateful to be a missionary! My life has been blessed SO much from the gospel, and I cannot even begin to repay my Father in Heaven for all of the blessings that I have received. I have found that every time I give my efforts or my time to my Heavenly Father, He just ends up blessing me even more!  But, I am here because I love Him. I may not ever be able to pay Him back, but I can give all that I am to Him and His work for the short time that I am here. 

I love you all! I am so thankful for your support and for your love and prayers! 

Love, Sister Lockwood

ps.  Next week I will not be emailing until Tuesday because we get to go to the temple!  Yay!

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