Monday, June 29, 2015

Lose Yourself

This is Caizy! 

This is Jerry!!  Haha he figured out that we have the same size shoes and so he gave me some!
They are really hilarious. 

Dear Family, 
This week was so awesome!! It went by so crazy fast. Our investigators are doing awesome and we had lots of people at church yesterday!! Life is just good!!
For an update on all of our rockstar investigators...
Jerry! We taught Jerry again with Brother and Sister Ho. He came to church and he gave up coffee this whole week!! We also asked him what his real name is and it turns out its Wang Yu! Haha, he wrote our names for us in Chinese. He also gave me some shoes this week..haha pretty cool. He always calls me Sister Lock, and he is just awesome!
Robert was definitely the highlight of my week. He is progressing like crazy and has continued to read in the book of Mormon. He always has so many questions for us, and the spirit is so strong every time we teach him. He is the definition of a golden investigator. He came to church again yesterday and told us that its the highlight of his week!! We're going to be continuing teaching lesson 2 this week.. 
Caizy is our 3rd really progressing investigator! She is dating an American member.. She really opened up to us this week and shared a lot about everything that she's gone through. She has had a really hard life and went a long time when she didn't really have a connection with God. We are really focusing on things like prayer and the scriptures, and we are seeing a new light come about her as she is able to really understand her worth as a daughter of God. 
As for less active members... yesterday was the BEST DAY. 
Mary Ann came to church with her 3 little kids!! They had a blast in primary and Mary Ann (May) made a ton of new friends in the ward. She already has visiting and home teachers assigned to her now!! I LOVE her so much and was soooo happy to see them at church again. One of her 8 year old sons will probably be able to be baptized soon too! And, she brought her less active neighbor, Nellie with her too!!
Melonie and Chris also came to church!! Sister Pamesa and I were practically dancing around the chapel we were so happy. They have been less active for about a year now, but I really think that they are going to be coming back to full activity! They have really strong testimonies. I am so thankful to get to be working with them.
Yeah.. so life is awesome! Life is definitely crazy as an STL! (STL stands for Sister Training Leader)  This week we had 1 meeting with the leadership council and then got to teach a class. Next week we have exchanges and MLC (missionary leadership council). We travel all around the mission for our lessons in the 4th ward, and stay super busy in our 3rd ward area as well.  It made for a crazy busy and a little stressful week. This week we are going to start exchanges! I am excited to work in some other areas and meet our Sisters' investigators. 

I really am starting to come to understand what it feels like to lose yourself in the work. I just think all day every day about Robert and Jerry and May and all of these other amazing people we are working with. I haven't ever been this consistently happy. I totally know that the best way to be happy is to forget yourself and get lost in the service of others.

Matthew 16:25-26
25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.
 26 For what is man profitedif he shall gain the whole worldand lose his own soulor what shall man give in exchange for his soul?
I love you!! Have a great week!! 
Sister Lockwood

ps.  We do not have lightning bugs here... I think because it is too polluted.  We haven't had exchanges yet because we had to teach classes at interviews! It was way fun. My interview is still in a couple of weeks.

The Balut wasn't really good..but not gross either. It didn't make me sick!

Apparently theres a huge earth quake that is about to happen here. Don't worry though. We are having a drill for it in a few days. It should be an adventure!! 

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