Monday, May 18, 2015

Life is SO good!

With Lex.  She's awesome!! 

With Tita!  We love her! 

Working on the lice 

With Samuel who is from Ghana.

This is Yuri and that is a petty cab! We ride them sometimes when we are in a hurry or really tired :p

This is sister Halisema! She is from Tonga...and we both go home in December.. so we have a nice little Christmas tree to decorate our apartment.. hehe :D Not that we are trunky or anything...

Dear Family,
Okay, have I told you that I am the luckiest missionary in the world?! I seriously am. This week was such a blast and I feel so blessed! 
Last transfers, the Elders left the 4th ward just to Sister Narag and me. And so this week, we inherited all of their old investigators/referrals! So the 4th ward is made up of anyone who has a foreign visa and lives in Manila. Its area covers the entire mission, and so we get people from all over! Just this week we taught people from Ghana, Switzerland, England, and Sweden!! They all have amazing stories, and I just feel like the most spoiled missionary for getting to work with them.
Samuel is from Ghana. He left Ghana last November and went to Singapore looking for work. He was only there for about 2 weeks, but while he was there, he met the sister missionaries! They invited him to church...and he went!! He said that he felt something different, and so a week later when he came to Manila, he showed up at church! In December he was baptized. He is a rockstar! He is now in Alma in the Book of Mormon and knows so much already! We love Samuel.
Lex is from Switzerland! She is actually a referral from Sister Jensen! She lives in their condo complex, and we have been teaching her English lessons along with a little bit of the lessons. She came to church again yesterday with her boyfriend!! She has a new baby, and has really been seeking direction in her life. We are having a ton of fun with her and she is making great progress. I think she's going to come to the ward activity on Saturday too!
Paul is from England! He is married to a Filapina and they come to church every Sunday (: We are praying that he will be able to be baptized soon! 
The last, Noah, is from Sweden! He is actually going to be heading to the United States soon, but comes to church with his friends from school. 
AND..on top of being so lucky to be in the 4th ward.. the work in the 3rd ward is so great too! Our 2 favorite investigators are Yuri and Tita. Yuri is a petty cab driver and I just know that he is going to come to church next Sunday. He is super smart and I am so glad we have finally started teaching him! For the longest time, we would walk by and he would call out, "Mormons! Teach me!" But...we thought he was drunk maybe. Turns out he wasn't drunk and he was taught by the missionaries back in his province!
And TITA! Awe, she is so cute. She is like 60+, and we are like her best friends. Last week, she came to church with us, so this week we told her that she had to come by herself. We weren't sure if she would do it...but when we turned down a street on the way to church, there she was in her Sunday best!! When we asked "Where are you going Tita?!" She replied "To the house of the Lord!" 
I am the luckiest (:
Other random fun things about the week...  we taught Rochelle... the only daughter of Sister Corrales that is not a member in sign language! She is deaf, but I remembered the song we learned in primary, and we looked some stuff up on It was so amazing. The spirit was so strong.. Heavenly Father really does know and speak the language of each one of His children.
Life is SO good here in Manila!! I love being a missionary!!
Love, Sister Lockwood

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