Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Day!

This is Angelo and Andrew Berdin! We visited them while they were taking a bath (: so cute deba?

This is the view from Bernardittas house (:

Dear Family, 
Hello from mainit Manila! Mainit is hot in Tagalog.. It was so good to see your faces and hear your voices this morning!! Ah, I love you! 
This week was really great! We picked up Tita for church and she had a great time! The Berdin family moved into a new house in our ward! They are being so blessed since their baptism. 
We have some really exciting lessons scheduled this week! 
Not too much is new. Life is more fun in the Philippines! Its weird.. I feel like I've gotten to the point in my mission where being a missionary and living in the Philippines is just totally normal. I don't feel homesick much at all, I like the food, and I am used to the showers and living with a companion. The heat is still heat... But really the only thing that makes me want December to come fast is music. :D Here in Manila there is always music EVERYWHERE and I just want to sing and dance to it so bad!!! 
Love you!!
Sister Lockwood
Also... fun fact!
The YSA devotional that happened last night... that was in the chapel that I go to church in every day! Buendia chapel in Manila. Sweet huh?

Kayla's email is so short because we just talked to her via Skype about 4 hours prior to her email time.  She is so happy!  She got to Skype us from a home of Americans who are living over there and she said it is just like being in a home in the United States.  THEY HAVE DR PEPPER!  This family knows of a store that sells imported goods and they happened to have Dr. Pepper which Kayla had not been able to find over there for the past 10 months.  
She also shared that she has lots of opportunities to teach in her mission.  They teach more than 20 lessons a week.  Her favorite food over there is octopus and she we got to hear her talk a little in Tagalog.  She's afraid she does not remember much Spanish but hopefully, that will come back later when she is not so focused on Tagalog.  She is grateful to have a shower with a shower head even though now the water is very warm.  They cannot control the water temperature and when it is cooler outside, the water comes out cold and when it is hot outside, the water comes out very warm.  She said one day last week the heat index was 124 degrees!  For example, right now the weather channel says it is 87 degrees there but feels like 100.  When she says it's hot, she means it hot! Her apartment does not have air conditioning.  
She said that she feels like the luckiest missionary because she has had gotten to serve on Palawan Island and now in 2 different areas in Manila which has given her such a varied experience.  We are so grateful that she is safe, healthy, and happy!  

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