Monday, March 16, 2015

That your Burdens may be Light

With Shane (age 9) and Sister Dewan 

With Bernadita.  She is one of our investigators. 

So we are shotgunning this area, and the sisters before us had said that one of our investigators lived "near the river". So we went around asking where the river was. And everyone was like "walang tulay dito". 
So, when we finally found the investigator..we figured out THIS was the "tulay"  (river) they were talking about!! Gross! That's a sewer with trash... just to illustrate how gross Manila can be.  

The picture is of Rose! She is our recent convert, and last week she asked what is my favorite filipino food, and when we came this week she had made it for us! squid!! (: (: Masarap (: 

Dear Family, 
Let me just start this out by saying Manila is a very gross place. Unlike Palawan, this is not a place I am planning on vacationing with my future family. Makati, the area I am in, is as nice as Manila gets, but it's still, just gross. 
That being said, there is little need to wonder how I got a skin fungui and foot mouth sickness this week! It looked a lot grosser than it actually was. But basically it was just like a ring worm looking thing spreading on the back of my legs.  And then the foot mouth thing was sores all over my hands and feet that were itchy and painful.  But its already almost all the way gone too! Sister Lemmon, who is the mission doctor, is in the Makati 4th ward and she has taken good care of me. 
But. it was okay though because we have the best investigators in the WHOLE WORLD! And this week we had really really awesome lessons AND people came to church! 
First I'll tell you about Bernaditta! She is our 1 investigator from the 4th ward who is a filippino but her husband is from Oregon, and a member. He is coming here in May! But anyways, we have been teaching her for a couple weeks now, and we felt that we should do a chapel tour with her. So she met us on Saturday and we were able to show her around and have a lesson in the chapel. The spirit was really there, and then she came to church yesterday!! It was so cute, there's like famous people in the 4th ward and when she saw them she was like "Melonie goes to church with you?!" Haha, Melonie is like former Miss Universe or something. But church went so well and she already offered to help clean the chapel for the Relief Society activity this Saturday!!
Next is Shane! Shane is a 9 year old that I think I told you about last week. We started teaching her and she is a total sweet heart. Sister Dewan and I are already in love with her.  She has such a desire to learn and to be baptized. She is going to be baptized and then confirmed the first week of April! Yay! Happy Easter! 
Margie and Angel were not able to go to church, but their faith was such an example to me this week. They have made such big changes and sacrifices to live the word of wisdom, they are dressing modestly and are reading their scriptures everyday! Margie is so sweet to us. They should be baptized in mid April too (: 
Gerly! She is 26 and works in downtown Manila as an accountant. She is a new investigator..and we had a really really great lesson with her. She said that she got goose bumps as we recited the first vision (story of Joseph Smith). She wasn't able to come to church, but we are praying for next week. 
The other miracle we had with our investigators this week was with Annie and Samantha. Annie's husband won't let her come to church, but she knows that our message is true and is already living all of the commandments. We thought a church tour would be really great for her too, and it was. It was so powerful and Annie said that she felt "magaan"  which means "light" in Tagalog, like she was floating.  She bore her testimony to us, and she said that she would bear her testimony to her husband. We are praying for a miracle!!
I am SOO thankful for the amazing investigators we have right now.  Their faith strengthens me.  Even though I had crazy rashes and things going on this week, I really felt that my burdens were made light as I shared the spirit with these amazing people. 
I am so thankful for you!! I love you!!
Sister Lockwood
23 And now, my brethren, desire that ye shall plant this word in your hearts, and as it beginneth to swell even so nourish it by your faith. And behold, it will become tree,springing up in you unto everlasting lifeAnd then may God grant unto you that your burdens may be light,through the joy of his Son. And even all this can ye do if ye willAmen.
Answers to your questions:
We have a laundry shop that does our laundry which is SO NICE. I love it because they dry it and iron it too!  I got your Valentine's package this week!  Thank you!

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