Monday, March 30, 2015

Because He Lives

Studying with my new companion, Sister Narag 

Sister Narag is my trainee from the Philippines 

#BecauseHeLives is an Easter video put out by the church. Check it out!

Dear Family,
Hello from Manila!! This week has been so great, and I am seriously on fire about the weeks and months ahead. This week we launched the Because He Lives initiative! It is so amazing and it is SO much fun getting to do this in the Philippines. The gospel is literally being sounded in every ear through projects like this one. 
I picked up my anak this week!! It was definitely hard to say good bye to Sister Dewan..I love her so much. But, I am excited about these next 12 weeks with my train-ee! Her name is Sister Narag! She is from the Philippines. She is 19 and so adorable!  We have already had lots of fun together. She calls me Nanay, and earlier she made us fish for lunch! I love being a trainer so much. New missionaries are just full of enthusiasm and faith (:  She is helping me A TON with my had been since my training that I had a Philipina companion. So I help her with English and she helps me with Tagalog (:
Guess what is happening this week!! Shane is getting baptized! We are so happy for her. She is only 9, but the decision she is making to be baptized will change her whole life. Her Grandma is too sweet, and is so thankful for us. 
The whole Berdin family came to church again!! Their baptism is right around the corner too, and this one is even more exciting because it is a whole family! Tom, the father has been coming to church and hopefully will be able to baptize his wife and daughter. Yay!! 
Bernarditta also came to church this week along with the Corrales family and Sister Noemi!! If you could keep all of them in your prayers, that would be awesome (:
Yesterday and today as we were sharing the BecauseHeLives video and pass along cards with investigators and members, I have just been filled with love. I feel my Saviors love for me so strongly, and I also feel it for everyone around me. We are seriously so blessed to have the light of Jesus Christ in our lives. Because He Lives, no matter what is happening around us, we can find light and life and happiness. 
In my call letter it says that "more happiness that you have ever experienced awaits you as you serve the Lord with all your heart might mind and strength". To be honest, I seriously wondered if I would experience more happiness than I ever have before. Living across the world from my family, in a foreign place, with foreign food and foreign bugs and language and people sounded like a big adventure, but not the happiest days of my life for sure.  But, these past few days I have been just filled with a happiness I have never felt before. It is something that doesn't come from my surroundings, but it comes from inside of me. It comes from knowing that my Savior lives! That he loves me and knows me perfectly, and that he loves and knows perfectly the 40 year old stranger sitting next to me on a jeepney. The knowledge that Jesus Christ lives can change the world. I am just so happy to be here, and I am so in love with sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ! 
I love you tons and hope you have an awesome week!
Sister Lockwood
ps. I'm sorry to hear it is cold!! It is hot hot hot here! The cold showers have become a blessing, haha!

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  1. Thank you for your time last night as we're doing the family home evening.. I hope you guys doing well. :) Thanks!