Monday, January 26, 2015

POWER in the gospel!

At the Benjie's Farm 

On our way to the internet cafe this morning

Dear Family,
Hello again! It was another really really great week here in Santa Monica! Ah, I think I probably only have a little over 2 weeks left here so I am savoring EVERY moment! The trees, the air, the PEOPLE, the tricycles, the ocean, the apartment, ah, I feel like the luckiest missionary EVER to have served here on this beautiful island.  I'm still praying that President Ostler will decide to let me stay one more transfer... but probably not going to happen! Its okay though, because I am consciously making an effort to think of all the great things about Manila... like the temple and my old missionary friends from the MTC and more people to talk to!! (wayyyy more people, haha) and fast food again! Yay!! 
But the miracle of this week was definitely Tatay Angelito! He is Yen Yen's Dad, the husband and Father of 2 of our recent converts.  His son, Jay and his wife Elvie were baptized last summer, but he was not.  He is such an amazing man.  Yen Yen, as you know, has CSP, and so he works A TON to help pay for her medication and doctors appointments.  The church has been a huge help, but since I've been here, he has worked many jobs trying to provide for his family.  He is always so kind to us, and always listens to our messages, but hasn't really been too interested in coming to church and progressing.  BUT-this week a miracle happened! Baby Yen Yen was sick last weekend with a high fever, and when we went back on Wednesday, she was still really sick.  So we called a member of the bishopric to come and give her a Priesthood blessing.  Uncoincidentally, we had just taught Elvie and Angelito about the Priesthood the week before.  We told him that it was literally the power of God on the earth today.  That the power that Jesus Christ had given to his apostles to heal the sick, He had given to men in our day! Angelito was so amazed by this.  We had taught him many times, but he never really seemed too interested, until this lesson.  THEN, we had an opportunity to literally show him the priesthood in action! Being a missionary and having the spirit tell you to teach on the Preisthood, and then having an experience like this is just such a testament to me that Heavenly Father is always involved in the details of our every day lives. The spirit was so strong as Brother Estreilla blessed Yen Yen. Angelito was so reverent and so thankful for this blessing.  When we came back on Friday, Yen Yen's fever was gone and they had said that she was healed.  So, guess who was at church yesterday! ANGELITO! Ah, seriously the joy that fills a missionary up when they see a whole beautiful family walk into church.  It was such a miracle, and the day that Angelito will be baptized and their whole family will be able to be sealed in the temple is now in sight! Ah!! I love being a missionary! 
Another really neat experience we had this week was with a security guard at this boys boarding school that Sister Teo and I walk by everyday. We never really notice the security guards (who always carry HUGE guns, by the way), but on Thursday, this security guard called out to us and asked us if we could give him a pamphlet. We were both way suprised at this manly guy asking us for something to read about Jesus Christ, but we gave it to him and set a return appointment at his house!   His name is Jayson, and we found his house Friday afternoon (finding people's houses is the biggest adventure/miracle because people dont have addresses). He told us that when we walked by on Thursday, a voice came into his mind that said "ask them for something to read". He then went on to tell us that he and his wife just lost their 6 month old son this past year, and that they have really been struggling to find the truth. It was such a powerful lesson, and I am so so so excited and thankful for the opportunity to teach them.
I love being a missionary so much! As Sister Teo and I are striving to be exactly obedient, the Lord is blessing us with more and more people who are ready to hear the gospel.  Our less active members are doing so well! The Lopez Family and the Segovia family and Joy are active and thriving with new callings! We have such a special bond with them.  We are continuing to find and teach people who are actually coming to church and experiencing the blessings of the gospel!! I am the LUCKIEST missionary to work in this area with these amazing people. 
People to pray for this week!! The Anasis Family, Jayson and Abigail, Eva, Tess, and Angelito. 
 Today we have a zone activity!! We're going to the beach again! (: Yay!! We also have interviews this Wednesday with President. 
Have a great week! There is real power and real joy that comes with living this restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus Christ lives, He is a part of our lives every day. 
Love, Sister Lockwood

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