Monday, January 5, 2015

Pagmamahal ng Diyos

Dear Family!
Hello from Santa Monica!! 
It was another really really great week! Our less active members are continuing to do SO well! The Segovias especially (: They all came to church again, and Sister Segovia bore her testimony and thanked Sister Teo and I for helping her family get back on track to go to the temple.  She also showed us her facebook, and the picture of us and her family is her new cover photo (:  Joy also came to church! She is doing so well, and we think she is gaining the desire to serve a mission!! We LOVE her!!! The Lopez family was also all at church.  We have SO much fun visiting them every week and playing games with their family.  It is always the BEST week when people come to church (: (: 
One really neat experience I had this week was with Sister Bascongada, the one with baby Yen Yen who has CP.  Well the therapy that the church has been helping Yen Yen to get is really really helping her! She is getting so much stronger, and just looks more relaxed and happy.  Every time we go over there, when we sing an opening song Yen Yen smiles so big and makes loud noises, and we always know that she's happy we are there (: But anyways- this week we had the impression to teach/talk to Sister Bascongada about fasting! When we began to teach, Sister told us that she had never fasted before, but that she was planning on fasting tomorrow.  She told us that she was fasting that Yen Yen would learn to walk. My heart literally melted when she told us with such faith that she knew that Heavenly Father could help her daughter.  It really is a situation that NEEDS God's help.  The Philippines is NOT a handicap friendly place. Our chapel is even up steep stairs, and their home is not wheel chair accessible.  If Yen Yen can't walk, she really will end up being home bound.  As of right now, Sister Bascongada carries her everywhere, but we know she can't do that forever.  ):  So, Sister Teo and I also fasted for baby Yen Yen.  I don't know if it will be the Lord's will for Yen Yen to walk, but I do know that the faith of Sister Bascongada can bring miracles.  Heavenly Father is so involved in each of our lives, and I know that if we have faith in Him, He really can bring to pass miracles everyday of our lives.  
This week was also New Years! We had to come in at 6 because...drunk people. But it was fun! Sister Teo and I played some games together and we just laughed in the apartment!
We got a new kabahay this week!! Sister Falgui is training! So we now have 2 trainers and 2 trainees in the house.  The new Sister, Sister Vaka, is AWESOME. She's from Canada, and Canadians are officially my favorite people right next to Philippinos and Polynesians.  But she's part Tongan too.  Its been so fun having her and we are already really good friends! 
I remember when President Talley set me apart, he talked a lot about other missionaries, and the impact they would have on me, and I on them.  As Sister Delaitubuna left this week, it was really hard to say goodbye again to someone who has been an angel to me! But now that Sister Vaka is here, and I'm becoming bffs with her too, it just reminds me that we are all sisters! And we will be forever! I am SO thankful for the divine attribute of LOVE that Heavenly Father has given each of us.  Sometimes, at a specific stage of my life, I think "Man, I am with the greatest people in the whole world right now, there's no way I'm gonna love anyone else this much!" But then, when a new stage of life comes, I love the new people just as much!! As children of God, we have inherited His divine attribute of loving other people.  And the best part about love is, is that we don't have a limited amount inside of us that can run out, but we can ALWAYS love more and more people.  
I am so thankful for this wonderful opportunity I have to learn how to love.  I am so in love with all of the people here. Sister Teo, our investigators, the members, our kabahays, the random people we talk to on the street.  Love truly is the essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of my favorite quotes that I read this week says "Every day, we have the opportunity to increase the sum total of the world's happiness." Every day we can show our love to everyone around us! We are so lucky to have eachother and learn how to love eachother while here on the Earth.
AND I LOVE YOU!! I love you all SOOO much! I feel so lucky every week when I get on the computer and am reminded of the love that surrounds me from all of you. 
Have a great week!!! 
Sister Lockwood
ps. pagmamahal ng Diyos means Love of God
pps. i'm sorry this computer wont let me send pictures for some reason! Its okay though, I didn't really take many this week anyways. 

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