Monday, September 15, 2014

Strength Beyond My Own

Waiting at the dentist with Sister Garcia

Hello family! 
Today has been totally crazy! I am sending this email from an ipad in President and Sister Hiatt's home. (They are the member of the mission presidency that live here on Palawan.) There was a big brown out (power outage) and so none of the Internet shops had power! Luckily, we were with them because Sister Parina had to go to the dentist this morning, so they let us come to their house! So if there's ever a Monday you don't hear from me, don't panic because power outages happen here all the time. They also took us to MacDough for lunch so it's been a really good day (: 
This week flew! It was a fun week and we worked really hard. Mayra came to church! It's funny, every Sunday we just hope and pray and wait to see which of our investigators decide to come. Julieta went out of town, but I'm really hoping she comes next week. She is amazing! She told us that she has been reading and praying everyday, and when her neighbors told her to stay away from us that she stood up for the Book of Mormon and told him that she knows it is true!! One of my favorite parts about teaching her is that all of the kids from her little neighborhood on the water run and come in when they hear us singing the opening song! Each lesson we teach like 10 little children with her. They are the CUTEST! I started keeping candy with me to give to them when we teach (: Another family you can keep in your prayers is the Bascongada family. The mom and son are recent converts and so amazing. They always come to church and they have a little girl with servere CP (I think) who I love so much. Their dad, tatay Rogelio, is who we are teaching. He works all the time to support his family and is the kindest man. It's just hard for him to find time off of work to come to church.
Let's see... This week I learned so much during my personal study!! I read the talk by Elder Bednar from conference.."Bear up their Burdens that they may be Light." It helped me remember that Jesus Christ is strengthening me EVERYDAY. I really have had such a smooth transition here, and I know that it is the Atonement that is giving me strength. 1st Nephi 21:16 was also encouraging. All of my walls that I have in front of me, the Savior has in front of Him as well and he will help me tear them down. Going along with that I read "The 4th Missionary" by Lawrence Corbridge. It taught me to align my will and desires with the Lord's will and desires. By changing my will to His, I truely YOKE myself with Jesus Christ and become stronger and happier. This talk came as an answer to my prayers. Last P-Day TJ had told me that BYU beat Texas 41-7.. GO COUGARS! I was obviously thrilled, but the next day I found myself thinking about all that is happening in Provo and the games I'm missing out on... It was hard not to wish that my freshman year wasn't already behind me! So that night I prayed to Heavenly Father to help me to not miss BYU and to really be able to lose myself here. The next morning was when I came across that talk. I realized that I needed to change my desires to Gods desires. The only thing I have to give Heavenly Father that he doesn't already have is my heart and my will. So that is what I'm doing! Every day I pray that my desires can align with his desires. I've been trying to spend every minute of the day thinking about my companion, the people we're teaching, the scriptures, and LEARNING TAGALOG! Just by really immersing every minute I have in the work has already helped me be happier and not think about what I'm missing at home. By doing this, I am becoming more and more yoked with Jesus Christ and so much stronger.
Some funny things this week.... On our morning walk a man saw me and started walking towards me singing "That girl is on fire." hahaha! I died. Also, the fruit here is crazy and so yummy! I eat Mangos all the time and eat this fruit called Ram-Butan that is so delicious and crazy looking. This week we also helped with free immunizations, and every Friday I help teach an English class! 
Don't worry about my birthday!! Nanay Montillia asked me when my birthday was this week and is already planning to have a party with me (: When you do send a package though, you can send Munchies, bugspray, and those hair pills. (There is so much hair all over our apartment from how much hair the other sisters lose).
I love you so much!!! Xoxoxo
Sister Lockwood

Kayla is in Puerto Princesa

The Church in Puerto Princesa where Kayla attends.

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