Monday, September 22, 2014

I Love Palawan!

 At President Hiatt's house

On the way to Zone Meeting

Living in the jungle! 

Coke in a bag 

Loving my companion!

Hello Family!
Wow! Today has been nuts, no suprise there! We are at our 3rd internet shop attempting to connect to myldsmail and it FINALLY worked! Hallelujah! I really am learning patience haaha.  I love hearing about you and am so glad you are doing well! 
This week flew by, and it was another awesome week! It means so much to me that you are praying for my investigators (: Sadly, one thing that I am learning is that a lot of times we will meet people and teach them and they will seem so excited about it and accept baptismal dates! But then...they won't ever come to church ): Its really hard to teach 30+ lessons every week, and then only have about 2 investigators at church on Sundays. But, I am trying to remember that Jesus Christ taught people who didn't even listen to Him, or keep the commitments He gave them.  And, the investigators that are progressing really make all the work worth it! This week we have 2 baptisms! Jasper, is 9, and his family was recently reactivated. He is so smart!! I have totally loved teaching him.  The other is Tatay Rogelio who is probably 80 years old. He is the cutest old man! He is in a part member family.  His first language actually isn't Tagalog, so its been crazy trying to communicate with him, but I love it.  They both come to church every Sunday! As for our other investigators, Myra is still progressing.  We are teaching her how to read! That's been so much fun this week. There was actually a super interesting/funny thing that happened with her... After one of the lessons she was talking to Sister Parina in Tagalog I couldn't understand... But she pointed at me a couple times and said "kaibigan" which means friend.  Sister Parina looked at me and said, "She really likes you Sis".  And after some more she said, "She wants to be your best friend".  I was so touched! I have been praying and praying that I will be able to connect with my investigators despite the language barrier, and this really answered my prayers!  Haha, here's the funny part though.  She continued to say more in Tagalog and then gave me a pair of her earrings! She really has so little, and so I was so amazed that she would give me them! Then...Sister Parina looked at me and said "She wants a rememberance of you." And Joy, the member who was with us said "She wants your necklace." I looked down and saw the heart necklace Marmee gave me and was shocked! What was I supposed to do??! Don't worry, I didn't give it to her, but I told her I would bring her something next lesson.  Even though I'm pretty sure it's just because I'm American, it means so much to me that Myra loves me! As for my other investigators, keep praying for the Bascongada Family and pray that we can find people who are ready to PROGRESS and COME TO CHURCH! Hehe (:
Some other things that are funny... We get our laundry done on Tuesday, and since its rainy season it literally will take 5 days for all of it to dry sometimes. Cooking has been kind of a nightmare lol...If there's one thing I wish I would have prepared better for it is cooking! One day this week I was trying to make meatloaf from a can (gross, I know) and I ended up hardcore burning it, getting it stuck all over the pan and broken up into little peices, and then it smoking up our whole kitchen! AND I burned myself with the oil in the process! It was quite embarassing, especially since the other sisters are really good at cooking, but its okay! I'm learning and getting better every day (: I'm basicaly a pro at Ramen and scrambled eggs, and heating up beans in hot water hahaha. And of course peanut butter and jelly, and when I'm feeling adventurous chicken curry!
I got a card from Dad this week and it said "Fun is a Requirement!" I love that! It was so good for me to remember to have fun every day! To laugh with Sister Parina and look for fun things around me all the time.  I really am so happy and this crazy life that I'm living really is a blast.
We also had zone meeting this week.  We did a practice teaching in Tagalog, and we taught 2 Elders that are older in the mission. I was nervous, but afterwords they told me that they couldn't believe I'm only in my first transfer! They said that I am way better than they were, and really complimented me. This was SO GOOD to hear! Somedays I just feel like I'm awful, but when other missionaries tell me things like that it makes me so happy.
Some other random things... the stars at night here are BEAUTIFUL! In one part of our area it gets really dark at night, and I just stare up at the sky. I LOVE IT! Also, Palawan is a jungle. This week when we helped spread the word about immunizations again, I literally felt like I was treking through a jungle. It's awesome. There are frogs that sound like cows that are everywhere, fruit growing on every tree, an occasional dead snake in the road, and ants that crawl over everything all the time (meaning even our kitchen table...).
Oh I almost forgot!! We have a Japanese investigator!! Her name is Natsuko and I LOVE HER! She is the cutest and has 2 adorable kids. I get to teach her in English which is the greatest thing ever.  And there is an Elder that was able to come with us this week who speaks Japanese. We also watched the restoration in Japanese with her this week. Fun!
Anyways, I love you all so so much! Have a great week!
xoxo Mahal Kita!
Sister Lockwood

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