Monday, August 17, 2015

Families can be together forever!

Amacio Family

Half of my companions in one photo!

Mission Leadership Council

Helping in the kitchen at the mission home 

Zone Conference

Dear Family, 
It is HOT. We survived this week without water! Last week after filling up every bowl and tub that we had, we were able to make it until the water got turned back on again. 
But, despite the heat, this week was good! I am so blessed to serve in a place where I always have lots of people to teach. I particularly love this area because we have so many families that we are working with!! It is so much fun to teach families, because as missionaries we help them embark on their journey towards the temple. As missionaries, we teach the lessons up until baptism, and then we work with our recent converts for at least one year after. We re-teach them the lessons and help them stay active. Part of that includes helping them get involved in callings, the Priesthood, home and visiting teaching, and ultimately, the temple. 
One of the families in our area who was baptized last year is preparing to enter the temple right now! The Amacio family. They are amazing, and yesterday Brother Amacio received the Melchezidek Priesthood! Even though they are still relatively new, they are making such a huge contribution to the ward and especially to their family. I feel so lucky to help them prepare to be sealed (:
We also have lots of families who are just making the first steps towards baptism. The Doloroso family is my favorite. Sadly, though, their kids got really sick this week and we weren't able to teach them at all ): So now we are goaling for baptism in early September. 
Our other investigators are doing great! Sister Liezel is living the word of wisdom!! Yay!! Its been a week now, I think, since she has smoked! So, life is good!
I don't have any other news really! I just love being a missionary! It is so much fun for me to help families no matter what stage they are at. I am so thankful for MY family. Even though its been a year, it still isn't easy being away from them. But it is the families here that we are working with that help me continue running! 
I love you!! Have a great week!
Love, Sister Lockwood

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