Thursday, August 21, 2014

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ

"Jeepney" is common mode of transportation. I rode in 3 this week. 

The ice cream cones were weird... it didn't taste like real ice cream 

On my bed with my companion (kasama), sitting on Dad's blanket from his mission in Honduras. 

"Trike" is also another common mode of transportation.  I've ridden in them.  They are small. 

Hello Family!!
I once again feel like I have so much to tell you and so I'm sorry if my e-mails seem really scatter brained!
A few things... you remember Samantha Tesh who came and stayed with us after Zion's Camp? My teacher, Sister Balota was Sister Tesh's companion!! How crazy and cool is that?? There really are no coincidences!
Umm I killed 3 cockroaches a couple minutes ago...nbd.
I'm working on memorizing the first vision in Tagalog!!
We went proselyting again this week!! It was in the Manila mission this time! My kasama was from Tonga.  She was so sweet and we had a really good time! The poverty was still really bad but it didn't horrify me as much this time.  I was able to really just focus on the people we were teaching rather than staring at the craziness that was around me.  We rode in 3 Jeepney's to get everywhere we had to go! That's the most common form of transportation here.  They play really loud music in them and everyone is crammed so tight together!  Its really fun.  I talked to everyone on the Jeepney's and practiced as much Tagalog as I could! Luckily, most of them could speak English so when I ran out of Tagalog things to say they would just start speaking to me in English.  The first person I met on the Jeepney was an English teacher! She really enjoyed talking to me, and I gave her a Restoration pamphlet and told her a little bit about what I'm doing here! When I got off of that Jeepney I was just overwhelmed with the spirit and kept thinking that so many of the people I talk to everyday are people Heavenly Father is putting in my path so I can teach them!  My favorite person we taught was this 70 year old woman.  She was SO CUTE! She lived in a pretty nice home that had a piano! She asked me if I could play and then she asked me to play a song and sing for her!  I played and sang Love One Another, and she was just so happy! She gave me a big hug and told me that I played and sang so beautifully. Everyone here is so kind!! Another person I met that really touched me was a 15 year old girl named Carla.  She came and sat next to me on the Jeepney, she was on her way home from school wearing her school uniform.  I said, "Hello! Ano po ang pangalan nyo?" (What is your name?) She told me her name was Carla and then she said, "You're really pretty."  My heart just about melted!! I told her that she was beautiful and then we talked the whole way to our destination.  She's on the swim team for her school and rides that Jeepney home everyday.  I asked her if she believed in Jesus Christ and she did!  I told her a little bit about our church and gave her a passalong card.  It's the simple moments like that that I will never forget!!
I loved loved loved being in the city!! I smiled and talked to everyone I saw.  Its such a crazy adventure!! I feel like a celebrity because everyone just stares.  Sometimes when I wave, people will tap the person next to them and point at me hahahaha. 
We had some more really great devotionals this week!! One was by President Uchtdorf (on tv of course) but he told us a story of a missionary who woke up everyone morning and looked in the mirror and said, "I fear no man."  He always remembered who he was, a disciple of Jesus Christ.  He shared with us 3 Nephi 5:13 and said, any time you feel weak, or fearful, remember who you are! Not only are you a child of God, you have been called to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  It was really powerful.
In other news...I GO TO THE FEILD THIS WEEK!!! That is so so so crazy!! I am so excited to share what I know and help as many people as I can, but I'm also way sad to be leaving my kasama and amazing district and teachers.  They have all been such a blessing to me. Sister Te'O my kasama dos, her Dad is a Mormon actor!! He's in that one movie, Forever Strong, where he types on the keyboard with his middle fingers hahaha. Also he's in the RM.  And my kasamas quote Nacho Libre all the time. I'm pretty sure its like a requirement if you're Polynesian to love that movie.
Oh yeah, I got 7 letters this week!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I by far have the greatest family and friends in the whole wide world. I got letters from Marmee and Grandpa, Erica, Julianne and all her kiddos, Mom, of course, (it had the necklace in it, thanks!!), and BRAD WILCOX! He sent me a letter of encouragement! How cool is that?!! Seriously, I don't understand how I got lucky enough to be in his mission prep class. Tyler emailed me!! Ive also gotten emails from Nannette, Grandma, and Maddie (:
Is it possible to send dr.pepper? I haven't had one in a month! I'm pretty sure they don't have it here because every Filipino I ask has never heard of it.
But if not, its totally fine!! One thing is the cheese here is really weird... and the chips we eat are kinda gross haha. But I'm really great! I can't think of much I need but I'll let you know..
oh..maybe another flash drive.
My mission president has already emailed me and they seem SO wonderful!! He expressed how much he loved me and I feel so excited to meet him this week.
I really do feel calm and I know that the Lord is going to take care of me, so you should feel the same!!
I love you Mommy!
Oh and ps. funny story...the church building we met at before splits had NO toilet paper and we all went to the bathroom haahaha. So even at church they wipe with their hands apparently. But like Dad said in my blessing, I am just finding humor in the gross stuff! So its all good!
I love you! ps. tell J thank you so much for the letters! I'm going to write her kids back when I get to the field!!
Well I love you all so much!! Don't worry about me this week, I already know I'm gonna love it!!
XOXO Mahal Kita!
Sister Lockwood

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